I have been granted 43 US patents (and several are pending). These are broadly related to AI, data science, big data, cybersecurity, energy analytics, cyber-physical systems, visualization, data centers, smart buildings, and IP telephony.

	PAT. NO.	Title
1	9,529,899	Visualizing motifs with visual structures
2	9,466,087	Meter data management testing
3	9,459,129	Determining sensor placement in distributed networks
4	9,322,667	Detecting anomalies in power consumption of electrical systems
5	9,292,040	Synthetic time series data generation
6	9,224,223	Visual analytics using multivariate concentric rings with a visual start time mechanism
7	9,172,552	Managing an entity using a state machine abstract
8	9,081,880	Determining sustainability of a data center
9	9,053,439	Predicting near-future photovoltaic generation
10	9,053,438	Energy consumption analysis using node similarity
11	8,972,308	Combining multivariate time-series prediction with motif discovery
12	8,836,536	Device characterization system and methods
13	8,832,012	System and method for tree discovery
14	8,812,427	System and method for disaggregating power load
15	8,812,166	Supplying a resource to an entity from a resource actuator
16	8,730,843	System and method for tree assessment
17	8,725,868	Interactive service management
18	8,683,479	Shifting information technology workload demands
19	8,638,981	Placing temporally aligned and variably sized pixels in discrete rings in a graphical visualization
20	8,630,967	Determining operational settings for fluid moving devices using a multivariate time series of data
21	8,626,693	Node similarity for component substitution
22	8,565,931	Managing energy demand in an infrastructure
23	8,447,569	Determining sustainability of a data center
24	8,355,828	Determining optimal settings for resource actuators
25	8,352,085	Distribution of cooling resources using hierarchically identified cooling microgrids
26	8,255,522	Event detection from attributes read by entities
27	8,089,872	Efficient load balancing and heartbeat mechanism for telecommunication endpoints
28	7,747,672	Method and apparatus using lightweight RRQ for efficient recovery of a call signaling channel in gatekeeper-routed call signaling
29	7,738,360	Method and apparatus for merging call components during call reconstruction
30	7,668,100	Efficient load balancing and heartbeat mechanism for telecommunication endpoints
31	7,483,369	Method and apparatus for migrating to an alternate call controller
32	7,366,110	Method and apparatus for merging call components during call reconstruction
33	7,054,435	Apparatus and method for determining a minimal time bound for performing tone detection
34	6,748,059	Apparatus and method for unified tone detection
35	9,589,021	System deconstruction for component substitution
36	9,568,502	Visual analytics of spatial time series data using a pixel calendar tree
37	9,565,789	Determining regions of influence of fluid moving devices
38	10,599,857	Extracting features for authentication events
39	10,592,666	Detecting anomalous entities
40	10,503,732	Storing time series data for a search query
41	10,204,186	Providing a model of impact of a cooling infrastructure
42	9,952,061	Detecting fraud in resource distribution systems
43	9,817,918	Sub-tree similarity for component substitution